Meet The Therapists

We are a group of highly experienced hand therapists and see our patients in a very personalized way. We then form a customized treatment plan and communicate extensively with each other to achieve the best possible result.

Shirish R. Godbole


Shirish is the "ORIGINAL PAIR OF ABLE HANDS” since 1994, when AHR PC was established by him in Old Bridge Township, with the help of his beloved wife Minette. Shirish is a Licensed Occupational Therapist and a Certified Hand Therapist. His specialization in Hand Therapy (CHT), was achieved in 1995, when the Hand Therapy was still in its infancy.

Due to hard work ethics, continuation of studies and ongoing extensive experience in all kinds of hand injury and impairments especially traumatic hand injuries, Shirish and AHR PC started gaining traction and trust of all Hand Surgeons in the area. Shirish always worked in close contact with the Hand Surgeons, whether Orthopedic or Plastic, at local and national level, to ensure excellent coordination of care and excellent results for his patients. He is often credited for totally changing the outcomes of hand trauma patient in his office, by treating them successfully and achieving the best possible results.

However, due to due to excessive hard work and repetitive stress and strain over the past 25 years, he has developed serious osteo-arthritis of his hands as well as his neck. He is now in the process of recovery and works only when necessary. He is now a supervising Hand therapist and is always available to all the patients for any advice at AHR PC all the time without any reservations, whenever he is in the office.

Minette C. Godbole


Minette became a part of this ‘ultimate husband and wife team’ at Able Hands Rehabilitation PC in 2004, by opening her own Freehold office. She achieved specialization and internationally recognized certification in Hand Therapy by meeting all the strenuous requirements to become a CHT (Certified Hand Therapist) in 1997. She also has extensive experience with all kind of hand injury and/or impairments, especially traumatic hand injuries.

Minette specializes in creating unique, custom and creative static and dynamic splints (Orthotics) for hand injury patients to regain range of motion, for positioning or protection purposes, which is well liked by patients as well as hand surgeons. Minette is also very capable in developing a bond of trust with the patients, which is so important in hand rehabilitation

Chaya Schachter


Chaya is a Licensed Occupational Therapist and an Associate Hand Therapist. She completed her Hand Therapy fieldwork at Able Hands Rehabilitation PC, 5 years ago. She was retained and hired as an associate Hand Therapist due to her amazing ability to learn quickly, adapt as she goes along which is critical in Hand Therapy, ability to fabricate beautiful custom static and dynamic splints-braces-orthotics.

Chaya had all the elements to become the youngest and one of the best CHT (Certified Hand Therapist) in the world! She passed the boards in 2017 and achieved CHT qualification.

Mahalia S. Ong


Mahalia is also a highly experienced CHT (Certification was achieved in 2018), with 7 years experience of working as an Associate Hand Therapist at UMDNJ-Hand Trauma Center, which is the busiest trauma 1 medical center in NJ. She is very good at establishing solid rapport with our hand injury patients which is very important in hand rehabilitation.

Mahalia also excels in fabrication of multiple, creative thermoplastic splints for hand injury patients which is absolutely critical to regain range of motion.